What Are Cool-jams?

Are you looking for a way to battle those night sweats or a great pair of quick drying travel pyjamas? Or perhaps it’s menopause pyjamas that you need?  Our Cool-jams®fabric is a specially designed polyester Microfiber that has been engineered to feel like soft cotton but has all the attributes associated with the fastest wicking and drying material in the world.  This ground-breaking Cool-jams technology, with its amazing “cotton-like” comfort and feel, offers the superior odor and bacterial control of our natural antibacterial treatment and delivers unparalleled performance in moisture management, lasts 6 times longer than cotton fabric, maintains color sharpness with minimal fade and is a viable alternative to cotton in any application where the inferior attributes of cotton have been considered “the standard”.


How Were Cool-jams Developed?

Our Cool-jams® fabric was developed initially for the Canadian armed forces. The military had requested development of a fabric that would look and feel like cotton but had other characteristics to include wicking ability, temperature regulation, quick drying ability, Anti Microbial longevity and effectiveness, Anti-pilling, washability, breathability and wearability. Our proprietary technology was later engineered into our Cool-jams® Sleepwear which makes Cool-jams the most innovative and advanced performance sleepwear collection available anywhere. Once you try Cool-jams Wicking Performance Sleepwear, you are sure to never want to sleep in anything else.

Popular Camping Cool-jams
Our most popular camping pyjamas.

Sleep is when your body repairs itself and builds up energy for the next day. You know when you’ve had a good night’s sleep. You’re ready for the day and full of energy

Here’s what the military asked for…

  • The lightest material possible
  • Soft material to ensure comfort while sleeping
  • Quick drying- the material dries 4 times faster than cotton
  • Stay fresh for long periods without washing with the bact-out technology making it odor free for weeks
  • Keep soldiers at the perfect sleep temperature, so they are fully rested in the most extreme conditions

So, how does Cool-jams meet these requirements?

The human body instinctively knows when it’s time to sleep or wake by something termed the ‘circadian rhythm.’ This 24-hour cycle determines brain wave patterns, hormone production and cell regeneration, as well as our sleeping and feeding routines.

At the deepest part of our sleep, the human body needs to cool to 36.5°. This marks the start of our 24-hour circadian rhythm.

It’s like a ‘reset button’ for our body clock.

And, if we fall out of sync with our circadian rhythm we experience jet-lag symptoms. (This is the exact same reason people get jet-lag in the first place.)

So, the biggest reason people struggle to sleep well is because their bodies don’t fall to the optimum sleep temperature and their body clock reset fails.

Poor sleep means poor health
Jet lag symptoms if we can’t reset our body clock

When we’re at home, we are easily able to regulate our environment. We’re used to our own beds, we choose our own bedding and we make ourselves comfortable.

But when we’re travelling, or camping, or anytime we’re away from home, we don’t have the same control over our environment.

Also, if we’re sick with fever, or illness, or taking medication, or we have a hormone imbalance such as during the menopause, our body can struggle to regulate temperature and we can suffer from ‘night sweats’.

And if you’re not able to cool down during the night you won’t have a good night’s sleep.

Thankfully, the technology behind cool-jams pyjamas means you can sleep at the perfect temperature every night, and wake up feeling refreshed, energised and ready to take on the day.

Utilising a moisture transference system (MST) the fine fibres in the fabric work by wicking sweat away from the body and expanding it across the fabric’s outer layer for faster evaporation. (If you aren’t ‘sweating’ the fabric insulates your body to keep it at the right temperature.)

Poor sleep means poor health

The  antimicrobial technology in our pyjamas kills infection and odour causing bacteria so our sleepwear remains fresh for up to 14-days without any laundering.

As well as keeping your body at the perfect sleep temperature, Cool-jams are softer and lighter than cotton and dry twice as fast.

60-Day ‘Perfect Sleep’ Guarantee

We’re so confident in our Cool-jams sleepwear, we offer a no-quibble 60-day guarantee. Order your new Cool-jams sleepwear today and test-drive them for the next 60-days. If you aren’t 100% delighted with your purchase simply return them to us for a prompt and courteous refund.

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