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This men’s wicking shorts is a cool and lightweight shirt that any man will love, boasting extreme moisture-wicking properties that help to combat night sweats and keep you cool throughout the night.

If you suffer from night sweats and overheating due to a warm climate, illness or any other reason, this stylish set will help to keep you cool while still keeping you really comfortable.

Cool-jams™’ unique performance fabric technology offers a soft, silky feel that’s just like traditional cotton, but it also helps to wick moisture off of the skin and even eliminate odour-causing bacteria before it forms.

With a loose fitting  t-shirt , this set looks casual yet stylish even though it is packed with our special performance fabric technology.

Our men’s wicking shorts  are  also very quick drying, lightweight and wrinkle-resistant, making it ideal to take with you while traveling.  Can also be worn as day wear.



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