Night Sweats in Men can be just as debilitating as for Women. There can be a number of reasons why this occurs however, the main one is from treatment you receive with a Prostate Cancer diagnosis.

When you receive a diagnosis of Prostate Cancer, it is important to reduce or cease hormone production.  The main hormone involved is testosterone. Men having treatment to reduce the hormone testosterone can have hot flushes and night sweats. This can occur for many years, depending on the length and severity of treatment.  Research has suggested around 80% of men having a treatment called zoladex,  will suffer from Hot flushes..

Zoladex will cause Hot Flushes in Men

Zoladex works by blocking the hormone testosterone, because this is what will feed cancer growth in the Prostate.   There are many treatment options, called third and fourth line treatment for men, when one treatment has failed.   The next line treatment is called bicalutamide.. Also a hormone blocker, and is less likely to cause hot flushes.

Night sweats in men can also occur after the testes are removed. This is a surgical option and is called an orchidectomy.. However, this option will still cause hot flushes, but not as severe.

There are not many options available for hot flushes and night sweats in men having treatment for prostate cancer.  A couple of tips might be to wear cooler clothes, avoid drinking hot drinks like coffee and tea, and invest in an air conditioner.  Also consider wicking sleepwear like cool-jams Australia , which helps to draw sweat from the body , then dry super quick. There are also many options for Men with Prostate cancer to talk to others undergoing the same treatment. A good resource is the Cancer Council or the Mens Shed at