Night Sweats Cancer can be caused from the treatment given to Cancer patients. Common cancer treatments like Chemotherapy, radiation and hormone treatments combined together result in an increase in the bodies temperature. Plus, when you are faced with a diagnosis, it is normal to experience increased anxiety. Anxiety can also cause night sweats.

Night Sweats Cancer in Breast Cancer Patients

Treating women for breast cancer can speed up the menopause process.  It has been observed that oestrogen and progesterone actually increases the risk of breast cancer recurrence in patients.  It therefore becomes impossible to restore the hormones and effectively treat menopause in cancer patients. Cancer tumors in the body can react to these hormones and their growth is enhanced. This is the reason why cancer patients cannot take HRT for symptoms of Night sweats and hot flushes.

Reduction of these hormones coupled with radiation, chemotherapy and medication (tamoxifen) partnered with steroids increases the body temperature of women and results in severe hot flushes.

Night Sweats Cancer in Prostate Cancer patients

Night sweats cancer symptoms can also occur in Men, when being treated for Prostate Cancer.  The reason this occurs, is hormones need to be reduced to suppress cancer growth, therefore creating night sweats in men undergoing treatment.

Discussing symptoms with your doctor can help alleviate a lot of anxiety around the symptoms ,and make appropriate referrals. For increased support throughout breast cancer, go to or the Prostate foundation at