Night Sweats in Men?

Night sweats in Men is a common phenomenon and one should know how to distinguish between actual night sweats and what is just another sweaty night. When your clothes are completely soaked in sweat so much so that you have to change, you are said to be suffering from night sweating.

Cancer and treatment of cancer is a very common cause of these night flushes. This is just one area that can contribute to Night Sweats in Men. The other possible reasons could be Anxiety,overweight, Depression. Depending upon family history and other medication background, one experiences these hot flushes. It is important that your doctor is aware of these night sweats and how frequently you experience them.


Andropause is said to have occurred in a male when testosterone levels have reduced and there is a severe deficiency of this hormone in body. Androgen deprivation therapy usually is administered in case of prostate cancer. Side effects of low testosterone level in body include impotency, loss of interest in sex, fatigue and bad hot flushes.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate is a gland in male reproductive system and often cancer can develop in these glands causing difficulty in urinating, pain in the pelvis, blood in urine or pain in pelvis. Treatment of prostate cancer includes hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, cryotherapy or even surgery. All these treatment alternates can cause hormone levels to change in the body and these hormonal fluctuations are the main causes of hot flushes. These flashes in men can be as severe as those in women and can last for some days occurring both at night and during day.

Low levels of testosterone in Andropause triggers signal to brain (through hypothalamus which controls and regulates body temperature) that the individual’s body is overheated. This results in the hypothalamus to signal the body to expand the blood vessels under the skin. Expansion of blood vessels causes the body temperature to lower down as excess heat is removed. When this happens, body has the tendency to cool it off due to which one’s body may start sweating profusely.

When undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, medical practitioners focus on ways of curbing and reducing the growth of the cancerous cells. Testosterone on the other hand stimulates the growth of the cells therefore the key to cure is reducing testosterone levels in body. Cancer treating drugs and injections can cause the body to produce lesser amount of this hormone which eventually is the cause of night sweats in Men and discomfort.