Early menopause symptoms for many women is a bit of an unknown until it actually hits them. Embarrassing hot flushes, waking several times a night in a lather of sweat, drenched bed sheets, feeling emotionally all over the place, constantly tired, a loss of sexual desire and dealing with the guilt and stress this may place on one’s relationship.

Whose life wouldn’t be impacted by all this! The above are just some of the symptoms …. add migraine like headaches, bloating, weight gain, poor memory and difficulty sleeping, it’s no suprise that at times you may feel like you’re going insane!

Of course you may not experience every possible symptom of menopause at any given time, but if your symptoms are impacting on your quality of life – and taking away the joy of every day living, the good news is there is a more natural, powerful and effective alternative that can rid you of your menopausal symptoms.

Imagine how wonderful it would feel to experience the opposite of menopause, cooler nights, less hot flushes and a Better night sleep…This is possible!

The fact that you have come to this page indicates to me that you want a more natural approach to your health and menopause. Between you and me, I have always aimed to treat my health and my body using natural methods wherever possible (for example, I opted never to take the pill or hrt).

Early Menopause Symptoms

I have had problems with my own hormones since the age of 30. You may be able to relate to some of the symptoms I had been putting up with, such as severe 4-5 day migraine headaches associated with every cycle, emotional swings that would turn me into either an emotional wreck or monster the week just before my period and constantly trying to manage my weight. And talk about a foggy, fuzzy memory! So I began my own quest and research to find natural methods and treatments to manage my own symptoms

I began reading (and highly recommend) books by Dr John Lee who was at the forefront of NHRT in the 70’s and author of many books relating to women’s health including “What your Doctor may not tell you about Menopause”. I progressed to reading Dr Christianne Northrup a world renowned female medical Doctor, author and strong advocate for women’s health. Her books include “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” and her latest book which I consider a must for women going through menopause “The Wisdom of Menopause”.

I went to lectures and seminars presented on hormone management and had the experience to personally discuss menopause with Sherrill Sellman (author of Hormone Heresy) and Leslie Kenton (author of Passage to Power) and our very own Dr Sandra Cabot (author Hormones the real truth). I began to learn more about natural alternatives, and not only made this my choice for my own hormonal problems, but chose to support other women through education and information on natural approaches to Menoapause symptoms. I saw wicking pyjamas available in the U.S.A and investigated this further. I saw the testmonials, but wanted to try a pair for myself.

Having spent more than a decade caring for cancer patients, over the years I noticed night sweats were a common and uncomfortable side effect of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. You can give patients tablets for nausea and for other side effects but there was nothing for night sweats. This caused me to start my own business. I’m now 48 and the owner of Cool-jams Australia, a rather quick growing sleep products company.

I had a pair of pyjamas made and loved them. Then all my friends wanted them, so I had them tested to see just how good they were. As I suspected, they were not only cooling, quick drying and temperature regulating but also antibacterial so they stayed fresh and odor free. This was the start of cool-jams Australia and of course my a-ha moment! If these pj’s helped me, with my early menopause symptoms, what about all the other men and women who get overheated at night?