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How can I contact Customer Service?

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What kind of fabric do we use for our wicking travel sleepwear and wicking temperature regulating sleepwear?

All of our Cool-jams wicking pyjamas and nightgowns are manufactured using our exclusive moisture wicking Garmatex smart fabric. The yarn we use in our fabric has advanced evaporation and thermo-regulation properties, which helps to reduce the body’s temperature to ensure a great night’s sleep.

In fact, testing shows that our Cool-jams fabric wicks and dries 3-4 times faster than cotton or poly/cotton. Unlike other wicking fabrics, the wicking ability of Cool-jams is scientifically woven into the fabric, so the wick never washes out.

This feature translates to a cool comfortable sleep regardless of how warm you get. Learn more about the science behind our Cool-jams Sleep Technology.

When you’re hot, Cool-jams help to cool and balance your body temperature. When you’re cold, our sleepwear still keeps you comfortable. Testing shows that Cool-jams absorbs moisture, wicks heat and moisture and dries faster than cotton, poly/cotton or any other wicking performance fabrics tested.

Don’t settle for an inferior wicking product when you can sleep in Cool-jams.

Our Cool-jam’s micro-fiber fabric has hydrophobic (moisture hating) properties, instead of hydrophilic (moisture loving) properties. Our fabric pulls any moisture away from the skin, then evaporates quickly, translating to cool, dry comfort.

Additionally, the antibacterial component of our wicking fabric helps to keep our sleepwear fresh and odor free.

View our video to learn more about our sleep products.

Why is Cool-jams sleepwear better at controlling body temperature than other fabrics?

Regular cotton fabrics are relatively absorbent, but keep the moisture next to the skin because cotton dries slowly keeping you wet and uncomfortable. Polyester fabrics are not absorbent, thus keeping you hot and sticky.

Cool-jams Sleepwear is made of 100% microfiber with superior wicking properties to absorb heat and moisture faster than cotton or polyester. Additionally, the fabric draws the moisture and heat away from the skin and then dries very quickly.

In fact 3-4 times faster than regular woven or knit cotton fabrics. Customers and experts alike tell us that Cool-jams are a great solution for women suffering from menopause hot flushes, for those living in warm climates, or for anyone just trying to stay cooler at night.

How long do Cool-jams take to dry?

The drying time for Cool-jams Sleepwear depends on several factors: room temperature, room humidity and the amount of moisture left in the fabric after washing.

If you are hand washing, we recommend hand wringing first and then wringing inside a twisted towel for a faster drying time. Depending on all of the above factors, dry time can be 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Sorry that we cannot be more specific, but we can tell you that based on side-by-side testing, Cool-jams is the fastest drying microfiber sleepwear currently available in the marketplace.

This quick drying feature is one of the many reasons so many customers purchase our sleepwear for travel and temperature regulation.

What should I know about the Cool-jams factory?

Our Cool-jams factory has been manufacturing new and innovative fabrics for over twenty years.

We are especially proud of the moisture wicking smart fabric we use in our Cool-jams Sleepwear Products. In fact, Cool-jams has complete control over all aspects of production from design, fabric production, dyeing and finishing, stitching and distribution.

With so much control over the manufacturing process, we guarantee that every garment you purchase from Cool-jams will be the highest quality possible.

In recent independent testing, Cool-jams Sleepwear was found to be the best performing wicking sleepwear brand out of all brands tested.

Cool-jams sleepwear not only wicked heat and moisture faster, but dried faster than other brands.

Why are Cool-jams great for travel?

Cool-jams sleepwear products are great for travel because our pyjamas are lightweight, compact, wrinkle resistant and quick drying.

In fact you won’t find a more comfortable travel pyjama anywhere. Once you try Cool-jams we know you won’t leave home without them.

View our video Perfect Travel Pyjamas by Cool-jams to learn more about our travel sleepwear.

Why is our sleepwear fabric so soft?

The softness comes from a very thin micro-fiber yarn with four times the filaments of other yarns.

When we manufacture our fabric we use hundreds of strands of this unique, breathable yarn which gives Cool-jams its silky, soft, cotton like hand-feel.

What else is special about Cool-jams sleepwear?
  • Controls Body Temperature
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Static-free
  • Machine Washable
  • Shrinkage resistant
  • Strong and Durable
  • Snag resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Quick Drying
  • Perfect for travel
  • Super Soft and Comfortable
  • Natural Anti-bacterial and Anti-Microbial Treatment
How should I care for Cool-jams products?

Care for Wicking Sleepwear:

Wash in cool or warm water on gentle cycle.
Never use fabric softener or fabric softener sheets because it will minimize the wicking properties of the fabric.

If you accidentally use fabric softeners, re-wash the garment in clear water to remove softener residue, so the wicking properties will return to maximum effectiveness.

Lay your garment flat or hang to dry. Tumble drying won’t damage the garment, but can sometimes create static.

What should I know about Cool-jams charitable giving program?

Every time you make a purchase at Cool-jams you help us support many women and family centered charities around the world. At Cool-jams Inc., we strongly believe that we are all placed on this earth to make a difference. Each year we try to make our difference by donating our time, products and profits to a variety of well deserving charities.

COOL-JAMS INC. has donated to the following organizations:
INTERNATIONAL HYPERHIDROSIS SOCIETY: Click the link to learn more about this wonderful organization. For anyone with excessive sweating issues the International Hyperhidrosis Society provides much needed help.

THE FOUNDATION FOR WOMEN which is an organization providing micro-loans to impoverished women around the world. The goal of THE FOUNDATION FOR WOMEN is to eliminate poverty and bring peace to our world by empowering women.



CENTER FOR COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS which supports shelters for abused women and children, as well as rape crisis centers.

VOICES FOR CHILDREN which works to provide court appointed advocates to children in the foster care system.


NECESSITIES BAG , an organization that provides a tote filled with wound care and comfort and practical items to women facing mastectomies.

CASA DE AMPARO provides shelter and services for abused children.

TINY SPARROW FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing lasting memories through the art of photography to families with children who are facing life-threatening illnesses.

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