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Hello, They are FABULOUS!!! Thankyou. I have already referred my friends onto them also. It isnt for menopause, I have Lupus and suffer from night sweats when it flares and they have been amazing. Thank you.

Sharon Bell

Well it’s been 2 nights in wearing the night shirt and I have found it to be amazing, with drawing the moisture away from the skin as promised. Obviously waking up because I’m hot is another issue, but not feeling so sweaty and falling back asleep quicker is a definite improvement.

I will certainly be recommending your products to one and all. Your assistance and customer service has been excellent. I will be looking at buying another, are you going to be extending the range? Thanks once again, I truly appreciate your time and efforts.


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Just receive my PJ’s thank you . Really looking forward to packing them into my suitcase. I was really surprised at how light they are. They really are going to be fantastic for travelling, both because they are light AND the fact that they will pack down really small. So, double bonus. The problem is I want to wear them now, not wait until I leave!! to be honest after reading all the literature and info online I expected them to be heavier in material, thicker and a bit more bulky – I have been pleasantly surprised, even the texture of the fabric feels soft. On returning from trip….. Hi Mary-Louise, how are you? Just wanted to say the Cool-Jams were awesome for travelling, they were light, stopped my night sweats totally for the entire time I was away. I only washed them because I felt that I had to, not because they needed it, they did not smell or anything like that at all. They also dried super quick, within a very short time. I can tell you that none of the other laundry that I did dried in 4 hours, they often took up to 2 days to dry. Pity they don’t make t-shirts as well, they would have been amazing for the days!

Narelle Shamrock, Brisbane

Wear the right pyjamas while sleeping to get the best night’s sleep. Consider moisture wicking pyjamas like Cool-jams! Makes a huge difference for anyone prone to night sweats or temperature regulation issues.

James Maas

Ph.D., Cornell University

Hi Ladies. I received my Cool Jams yesterday and guess what….they are the best thing EVER! Actually slept all night. No sweats at all. OMG I will admit I was bit skeptical but believe me buy these. You won’t be disappointed.

Lynda Caroline

I am undergoing cancer treatments. I have terrible night sweats. Cool-jams are the only pyjamas that have been effective at helping my night sweats. I was so frustrated because nothing helped the night sweats. Then I discovered amazing Cool-jams. Now I sleep dry and comfortable through the entire night! I won’t sleep in anything else. These are seriously great products!


Aileen Nelson,55, Melbourne

Soft and comfortable nightgown. Fits well. The fabric does well wicking during the night when I am bothered with night sweats.I am undergoing breast cancer treatment and have always worn Peter Alexander, but now I wont wear anything but Cool-jams. Thank you

 Patricia O’neill, Palm Beach

I am taking tablets for my melanoma, and one of the main side effects is night sweats.  I had a friend see your ad.    I really cannot believe the difference it has made to my sleeping.  I wasn’t sure if this would work, but I rang the owners the next day, I was so excited with the result.  I am telling everyone I know about cool-jams.

 Margaret, Gold Coast, Age 71

I ordered one of the nightshirts. It really keeps my torso cooler at night. Great product!

Maureen Ryan, Gold Coast

These Cool-jams products are priceless to those of us who need less heat at night. They keep me cool no matter what.

Julie, Sydney

So cool and comfortable. Will tell others about your fabulous products. I purchased 3 nightgowns.

Mary K.

They were a gift from my husband. I love these pajamas. So very soft and it has helped me rest better at night. Highly recommended.

Terri O’neill

This is the best moisture wicking night shirt. I’ve tried other products that don’t live up to the promise.

Lara Leyland

Perth, WA

My wife loves these pyjamas! She constantly has hot flushes and these actually help keep her cool and wicks away sweat. I thought they were pricey but she says they are worth every penny!

Jack W.

Martinsburg, WV

Since my breast cancer treatment, I awaken almost every night drenched in perspiration, with my nightgown damp. I had heard about this type of product, but put off trying it because of the price. I’m glad I finally gave in! The shirt is lightweight and comfortable, and does not hold the moisture like other materials. My skin dries quickly, and the shirt is barely moist.

Pauline, Tweed Heads

This is the first review I have ever written. Last night was the first night I slept in my new cool jams. My wife just asked if i got hot last night because she left the heater turned up. Wow I am the one that usually complains about the heat, not her. My response was no I had my cool jams on. Unreal, I cant wait for summer time. Finally, I feel like I have something that will help me from constantly turning all night trying to find a cool spot on the bed. Thank You COOL-JAMS.

Richard L.


My “nightie” is everything you said it would be. Comfortable, absorbent and cool. I use heavy covers when I go to sleep and often wake up in the middle of the night in a sweat and have to remove some of the covering. But with the cool jams…no sweat!


This Pyjama set is great. Perfect for my travels. As you say, super quick drying, light weight and compact. Keeps me comfortable regardless of the weather hot or cool

M. Kerrigan

Hi, what a fantastic product! I am currently undergoing chemotherapy for a Lymphoma and suffered from chronic night sweats whilst in hospital after my first chemo session. As a result of the three changes of sleepwear and the resulting insomnia I googled for suitable products and your site came up. Whilst I was skeptical my partner sneakily purchased a twin set pants and top and a nightie as a surprise. I don’t normally wear PJs at home but your CJs are loose fitting and super comfortable and work as you say: keeping me cool and dry when I have night sweats from the chemo and I get a good nights sleep- vital when you need all your strength to keep up the fight. I am going to see if he can buy me some more. Thanks again. Please feel free to you use this endorsement if you wish. Best Regards Phillipa Beveridge

Phillipa Beveridge

You have great products that have helped my night sweats tremendously. I have ordered from you 5 times and I’ll never wear any other pyjamas. Cool-jams are the best! Thank you

Jane K.

Ever since I had a hysterectomy in 2011, the hot flushes have become unbearable! Thanks to your products, I got my life back, I am sleeping much more, and my hot flushes quickly go away when I have the pyjamas on. I am telling all my friends about your products, God bless you for thinking of us, you are truly a blessing.

Carolina B.