Relax, you aren’t the first person to put the phone in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard.

If memory and concentration is a major issue for you with menopause, rest assure, it isn’t early alzheimer’s.. check out the reasons behind memory loss and poor concentration in menopause..

At times, memory loss can be caused from old age, however,there is enough research to suggest it is normal to experience poor concentration, and fluctuating hormone levels play a big part.

This could be because of the stress over fluctuating or heavy bleeding , loss of sleep and hot flushes keeping you awake at night. The loss of sleep can certainly contribute to mood swings, which contributes to scattered thinking, then worry over all of the above.

Mental activity is just as important as physical activity when it comes to keeping the brain cells working in good order.  We have a network between the 2 hemispheres called the corpus callosum.   We want to be able to create new networks called dendrites,which allow communication between nerve cells..

There are some simple remedies we can implement, regardless of menopause or other stresses in life.

Simple crossword puzzles, chess or scrabble or learning a new instrument or language increase the new dendrite formation, helping to increase concentration and better memory.  Meet new people, and increase your social connection.  The whole idea is to do something new to challenge your mind in new ways, laying new pathways.

Remaining physically active,  maintaining a good body weight, not smoking and eating well, all the advice for the heart health is also good for brain health.

I find establishing good routines , like keeping keys in the same place, decreases my scattered energy.. It is one less thing to think about.

Make sure you have your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol checked regularly. All of these conditions can also contribute to poor memory.

Last , but not least, ginseng is a well known herb, used for centuries to improve mental acuity.