Chemotherapy side effects are many and varied,depending on what type of treatment you are having. Treatment for Breast Cancer is different than treatment for Prostate cancer, however both of these will usually have Night sweats as a side effect.

. Having spent more than a decade caring for cancer patients, over the years I noticed night sweats were a common and uncomfortable side effect of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. You can give patients tablets for nausea and for other side effects but there was nothing for night sweats. This caused me to start my own business. I’m now 48 and the owner of Cool-jams Australia, a rather quick growing sleep products company.

Wicking Sleepwear for Night Sweats

I had a pair of pyjamas made and loved them. Then all my friends wanted them, so I had them tested to see just how good they were. As I suspected, they were not only cooling, quick drying and temperature regulating but also antibacterial so they stayed fresh and odor free. This was the start of cool-jams Australia and of course my a-ha moment! If these pj’s helped me, what about all the other men and women who get overheated at night?  And, with features in the material such as:

Anti-bacterial- Bact-out technology-and wicking properties that draw the heat from the body, they soon became very popular among people with Night sweats.

Chemotherapy Side Effects

Cool-jams Australia currently serves a niche in the $2 billion  sleepwear market, primarily targeting baby boomers, both men and women, with a collection of quick-drying anti-bacterial travel pyjamas as well as pyjamas for people who become overheated at night due to a variety of causes including menopause, warm climates, chemotherapy, cancer, anxiety, certain medications, and basic problems with body-temperature regulation.